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A woman, grateful for every experience and stronger, reaches for the sky full of stars, wearing a blue dress with gold thread. She chooses blue with a turquoise shade, which means that she is confident, full of dreams and sociable at the same time. Kindness, sensitivity, creativity aren’t strange for her.. Golden elements are also a thoughtful choice. We are dealing here with the art of the golden ratio, based on the design of harmonious proportions and arrangements. The “golden ratio” in designs creates balance and aesthetics, which was used in the “Sky Full of Stars” dress. And here, once again, fabric and construction shine triumphantly. They were perfectly matched to each other. This is not discreet but bold elegance. The dress was made almost in accordance with the principle of high tailoring, because it was tailored from high-quality Polish fabric and is available in only one copy at the online store. A woman who chooses such a solution is undoubtedly ready to achieve her balance.

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