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The season for the summer evening going out is already underway. There are numerous parties and meetings with friends ahead of us. During this time, we want to feel good and look good. Certainly, stylized compositions will help us in this. With a few perfectly selected sets in the wardrobe, we will be able to take full advantage of the summer season. One of the proposals for the summer party is a black fitted set consisting of black spaghetti-strap body and leggings from the sisters. Wanting to maintain the original style, we complement the base with black suede shoes and a long black and golden necklace of the Norwegian ROSENVINGE. If we want to use the set on a cooler summer day for a city outing, let’s remember about the golden sisters bag and round black and gold glasses. And to control the time will also help us black and gold watch from Calvin Klein. The whole is a proposal for women who are not afraid of emphasizing their slim figure.

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