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Solina is a small town located in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship, famous for a large artificial lake called Solina. In the summer season, the town attracts many tourists from all over the country. This is due to the numerous attractions that the entire Municipality of Solina has to offer. Vacationers relax on the beach, sail, sail ships, go on walking routes in the Bieszczady Mountains, ride a bike and fly gliders or paragliders. We can get to Solina quickly from Sanok, because the town is only 30 kilometers away. On the other hand, if you want to get to Solina or Bieszczady from Gdańsk efficiently, it is worth flying by plane to Krakow, from where you can get to the destination by bus. A must on the map of every tourist is the dam on the Solina Lake, making an amazing impression. It is almost 650 meters long and over 80 high. We can immediately enter the dam, from which the view is amazing, or start by visiting the hydroelectric power plant located in the facility. It is possible to rent a guide for a group of a minimum of 15 people. The area around Solina has a well-developed accommodation base. Every holiday-maker will successfully find accommodation suitable for their expectations. There are hotels, guest houses, cottages or a camping site. In addition, there are many good restaurants serving various regional delicacies, and above all delicious fish. The water of the Solina is an ideal place to live for many species. Next to perch or trout, it is worth trying cooked dumplings called haluszki, rolls called proziaki or stuffed cabbage with potatoes. Sour rye soup is also highly recommended and tastes great in the entire Bieszczady Mountains. It is not surprising then that during the holidays finding a free parking space in next to Solina is almost impossible.

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