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Sanok is often called the “gate of the Bieszczady Mountains” and rightly so. It is the best starting point in the Bieszczady Mountains. We will also quickly get to Slovakia and Ukraine. In the city itself, numerous attractions await us both in summer and winter. Sanok is a city located in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship, in the picturesque San Valley, at the foot of the Słonne Mountains. It covers an area of ​​38 km², and has about 40,000 inhabitants. Tourists come to the city eagerly not only from Poland. On the first page they visit two popular museums: the Museum of Folk Architecture and the Historical Museum. The first of them are known for having the largest collection of objects collected at the open-air museum in Poland. According to the guidebooks this an extremely neat and beautiful museum, set up in 1958, show the folk culture of the border with the Bieszczady, Low Beskids and adjacent foothills. A beautiful reconstruction of the Galician Market awaits us at the very entrance. During the summer season, every Monday, admission to the property is free, and interesting attractions wait for tourists. Alone, or in the company of a visitor’s guide, we can visit several sectors presenting the material and spiritual achievements of the ethnographic groups of Bojów, Łemków, PogórzanZachodnich, Wolinian and Pogórzan Wschodnich. The open-air museum has a dynamic bakery, where bread is baked according to the methods used in the past, and a pastry shop with delicious pastries, desserts and lemonade. After leaving the museum, it is worth taking a zipline ride over the San River. The historical museum is located next to the old town, in the Castle. The facility was founded in 1934 and has one of the most valuable icon collections in the country (700 pieces) and offers a collection of works by Zdzisław Beksiński, a famous artist from Sanok. There is also a rich collection of contemporary and sacred art, portrait paintings, military and local ceramics.

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