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What exactly is stress and what are its effects?

 In today’s world, stress accompanies us almost every day. We not only read and hear about its effects more and more often, but also bluntly feel them on our own body and soul. We begin to talk about it as a disease of the last decade. However, we rarely wonder what this word actually means and where it came from. The very English word stress comes from the French word “estrecier”, which is derived from the Latin word “stringo, stringere” and means to apply pressure, force, force, use violence. In today’s world where we all run and have loads of responsibilities, our body struggles to meet all tasks. However, when we are overloaded, stress begins in our body. It is an adaptive response to new conditions, as a result of which the body is ready and trying to meet new challenges. Stress can be both positive and negative. If it lasts short and with the right intensity before a challenge that is important to us, it can have a positive impact on us. It mobilizes our body to action, stimulates creativity and stimulates us to greater efficiency. However, the danger begins when we are accompanied by excessive and prolonged stress. When compensation mechanisms are involved for too long, our mental and physical health is at risk. Excessive stress loads the entire circulatory system. High blood pressure values ​​are becoming common and headaches begin. We have most often problems with the digestive system. Digestion is impaired, indigestion occurs or irritable bowel syndrome occurs. Often, we feel stinging under the ribs because of stress, because bile is not properly drained, as a result of which gallstones can form. In addition, stress has an adverse effect on the immune system, which is why we catch cold and get sick more often. During stress, we may also experience muscle spasms, more frequent urination, flatulence, loss of appetite, double vision, as well as an unpleasant feeling of “lump” in the throat. There are problems with potency and with the menstrual cycle. Chronic stress has an extremely dangerous effect on our psyche. It can lead to us being unable to function normally every day. Paralyzed, we will not be able to cope with tasks that we have not encountered so far. We are irritable and avoid contact with friends. Very often we reach for quick support in the form of large amounts of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. It is worth taking care of it beforehand to relieve stress related to work or life situation on an ongoing basis.

How to deal with stress?

Talking with friends and family is a great support in stressful situations, provided they do not contribute to the increase of our stress. Physical activity is also important. Walking in the fresh air perfectly relieves mental tension, and our blood levels of endorphins increase. In winter and autumn, let’s use the appearing sun, drink herbs and mixtures that give energy. It’s worth trying rosemary, ginger, licorice, lemon balm or St. John’s wort. However, a properly balanced diet is of great importance in the fight against stress. We lose many minerals and vitamins through stressful situations. To prevent weakening of the body, we should supplement them on a regular basis. Particularly valuable are the B vitamins that support the functioning of our nervous system and counteract fatigue. We find them, among others, in nuts and stones, fish, beans, eggs, dairy products and poultry. In contrast, vitamin E helps to protect cells against oxidative stress, and we can find it in legumes, butter, eggs and vegetable oils, among others. In addition, iron, which is contained in liver, egg yolk, broccoli or spinach, plays an important role in the fight against fatigue.

Is it worth reaching for supplements?

If, despite the duration of healthy nutrition, we feel a shortage of important vitamins or minerals, we can also reach for dietary supplements. However, when deciding on this step, we should carefully check their quality and familiarize ourselves with the certificates. We choose only those that have been strictly tested and received certificates confirming the highest quality. Let’s be vigilant, because there are not necessarily good followers of good products and ideas, and we have only one health. Safe support in stressful situations is Mind Master, which was created based on natural ingredients. The Mind Master product series, manufactured in Germany by LR Health & Beauty, was awarded the Golden Otis 2019 Trust Award in the ‘Debut of the Year 2018’ category and subjected to restrictive SGS INSTITUS FRESENIUS inspections. In addition, it was on the Cologne List, which includes products with minimized doping risk. Mind Master consists of: vitamin E, vitamin B1 (thiamine), vitamin B9 (folic acid), vitamin B12, iron, selenium, aloe vera gel, green tea extract, L-carnitine, coenzyme Q10. By combining the most important substances, microelements and trace elements, we can support our body in the fight against stress. Mind Master has a positive effect on the nervous system, reduces fatigue and protects cells against harmful radicals. We can also read about its properties in the November issue of Wysokie Obcasy magazine, in which it is recommended by the unique Marzena Rogalska. The journal also regularly publishes information about other valuable products of LR Health & Beauty. It is also worth reaching to the well-known Avanti magazine, in which we read about the novelties appearing in the offer of the German company.

How to get a Mind Master supplement?

When deciding to fight stress in a natural way, we can always use the consultation of the partner company LR Health & Beauty, who will present us the product and help you place an order. The product can also be purchased on the LR Health & Beauty online store. Of course, you can sign up to the LR club to have the right to buy at promotional prices. If you want to make an appointment with a partner in your city, or for an online conversation, write to: info@sistersmshop.com, in the title entering consultation with the partner LR.



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