Hollister brand designers know very well how to combine the classic with the current trends. The proof is a cornflower sweater fastened with buttons. Putting on the triumphant in this season blue shade which is cornflower made the sweater with a simple cut became unique. The model with the logo of the brand, fastened with buttons gives us many possibilities of using. We can wear it in a version fastened in combination with pants or a skirt or replace it with a jacket in spring days. Our proposal is a combination of dark blue leggings with a white classic t-shirt and a cornflower sweater. We add navy blue shoes on a white sole and a leather SM sack in the same color. The model has a brand logo on the front and an elegant checkered lining with a zippered pocket. In addition, it has been equipped with fashionable and practical handles, so we can also carry it as a bag. Styling was created for active women.

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