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In recent years, the position of Martin Solveig, a DJ coming from France and creating electronic music has grown significantly. He appeared on the music scene in 2010 with the song “Hallo”, in which the video DJ played a tennis match with Bob Sincler. In the middle of the game, Novak Djoković appears on the pitch. Since the success of this music video, he has not stopped surprising us with his original songs and the style of being and clothes. He created a unique, until now non-existent musical world. He is one of a kind. Pieces like “do it Right” or “Intoxicated” are simply unbeatable. What a great surprise turned out to be his last track “Places”, which is amazingly different from previous songs with delicate sounds. The music video for the song was made on one of the Spanish islands of the Balearic Islands, more precisely on Ibiza, famous for its party atmosphere. No one should be surprised, because this island is the background of many music videos recently. Martin Solveig appears in Ibiza once a week in the season to play in the famous Pacha club for his fans. These events always have their name. “Welcome in My House” – with these words he greeted us at his party …..

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