Recently, we have  spent even more time in front of the screen of electronic devices. We work at home in front of the computer and contact family and friends via a mobile phone. We also watch movies for entertainment, which means that we are staring again at the monitor that emits blue light.

Blue light emitted by the screens of smartphones, tablets, laptops and telephones largely contributes to premature skin aging. In response to the problem, the German company LR Health & Beauty has created a new product called BLUE LIGHT DEFENDER. Its task is to reflect blue light through the pigment contained in the spirulina extract. The capture of free radicals thanks to the extract of blue lotus and skin regeneration, which is possible thanks to the special enzyme photolyase contained in the extract of spirulina. The intelligent serum prevents the “digital aging” effect. This phenomenon begins when the rays of blue light penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, resulting in a large amount of free radicals. This creates oxidative stress, which puts a strain on the skin and accelerates the appearance of signs of aging such as wrinkles and discoloration.

LR ZEITGARD BLUE LIGHT DEFENDER is  an intelligent serum that protects our skin against premature aging caused by blue light. The active ingredients contained in the BLUE LIGHT DEFENDER serum are activated by blue light and protect our skin actively and preventively against its negative effects. It is possible thanks to its unique, triple action. Using an intelligent serum, we protect our skin from irritation and care for a young, radiant look. It is enough to apply the serum evenly on cleansed face every day as a base for day cream.

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