The “My Own Legend” collection tells the story of a woman returning “home” after difficult experiences, taking off layers of pain, burdensome beliefs and fears. She alternates between sadness and joy, and sees the world in different colors. Sometimes she wants to hide from the whole world, other times she screams loudly so that someone will notice and hear her. After all of this, she chooses her own path and finally achieves balance.

The young woman shines with her natural glow. Full of dreams, hope and innocence, she sets out into the world. As a result of difficult life experiences, she suddenly goes out. Going through this difficult time, she wants to hide from the world by reaching for dark colors. As she gradually finds herself again, she looks into the future more and more boldly and regains her shine. Grateful for every experience and stronger, she reaches for the sky full of stars. At some point it comes down to the earth and shows that her brightness has dimmed only for a moment. She begins to confidently follow her own path. She has achieved balance between the external and internal worlds. Between male and female energy.

“My Own Legend” is a call for women to tell their stories, to manifest and accept their femininity, to live a full life in harmony with themselves. Because when we allow ourselves to be ourselves, regardless of the roles we play, positive changes suddenly appear in our lives. Reach for what makes you feel alive. Honor your intuition and create your own legend – “because when someone is looking for it, the whole world tries to make it easier for him” (The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho).

I dedicate my collection to all women, especially those admitted to the gynecological and oncological ward. Poland is still one of the countries with the highest number of reproductive organ cancer cases among women.

with love and gratitude

Alina Sposób

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