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A woman achieves balance between the external and internal world. Between male and female energy, which is beautifully symbolized by the blue and white striped dress, which is the last from the “My Own Legend” collection. White means space, lack of limitations and spiritual strength. It means shaping a new outlook on life. On the one hand, it is a symbol of openness, and on the other hand, distance and independence. A woman who chooses white is devoid of prejudice and does not want to be limited. Her own limits are clear. Blue, on the other hand, indicates intellect and extensive competences. It inspires trust and is associated with reliability. A woman who chooses blue is sensitive, observant, imaginative and has a creative mind.

The combination of these two colors in equal proportions is a symbol of balancing two important worlds – the heart and the mind. A woman achieving this state looks great in the “Harmonia” dress, available atsistersmshop.com . This is a beautiful example of high tailoring. Both the color combination and the cut of the dress allow you to fully manifest your femininity and being yourself. And when we allow ourselves to do so, regardless of the roles we play every day, positive changes suddenly appear in our lives.

Reach for what makes you feel alive. Honor your intuition and create your own legend – “because when someone is looking for it, the whole world tries to make it easier for him” (The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho).

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