The Body Mission weight reduction system with the watchword Feel Good! Look Better has been developed and confirmed by an international team of doctors. Is the original program of Dr. Otto Horak from the Czech Republic – an orthopedist, sports doctor, nutrition specialist, owner of the Institute of Preventive Medicine in the Czech Republic. The “Revolutionary Slimming” method is a certified health care program, and it is used by over 1,780 doctors in 13 countries. The effectiveness of this method has been confirmed by more than 160,000 people. It allows us to deacidify, slim down, nourish the body and keep it in balance. Thanks to the program, we will bring your body to full harmony. By joining it, we support the body so that properly nourished it can regain optimal functioning parameters. Using the right products, created by the German company LR Health & Beauty in consultation with specialist doctors, we supplement the body’s minerals that are necessary to maintain acid-base balance. It makes all body cells work properly. The Body Mission program is structured in such a way that, passing through its stages, we do not feel hunger, water does not accumulate in the tissues and muscle mass does not burn. In order for our effort to pay off, we should go through four stages: detoxification and deacidification, fat burning, metabolism harmonization and goal maintenance. You should also remember about a properly balanced diet. “Revolution of slimming” is a simple method, bringing the desired results and most importantly safe for health. If we go through the entire weight loss process, we will lose unnecessary kilograms without the yo-yo effect. However, there are many more health benefits, including:

  • overall improvement in health
  • better mood
  • normal blood pressure
  • stabilization of insulin secretion
  • normal blood glucose levels
  • reducing the risk of cancer
  • stronger muscles
  • relief of joints
  • lower cholesterol
  • beautiful skin
  • stronger hair and nails
  • improving psychophysical fitness
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