What is Colostrum?

Colostrum, otherwise known as bovine colostrum or youngster, is a unique bioactive substance, which is a real phenomenon of nature. It belongs to the oldest natural products. It contains immunoglobulins, amino acids and growth factors, ensuring healthy development and balance of the body of new born mammals. Colostrum is produced shortly before delivery in the mammary glands of female mammals (cows, sheep, goats). Occurs only during the first hours after birth. The youngster’s task is to protect the newborn mammal against infections and to stimulate its immunity. By taking Colostrum liquid or capsules, we ensure health improvement and prevent many diseases. It is a natural, completely safe product, thanks to which we increase the efficiency of the body and regenerate it.

Application of Colostrum

Colostrum is known primarily for the fact that, like no other agent, it strengthens the body’s resistance and protects against bacteria and viruses. Therefore, people who often struggle with infections, weakness, fatigue and live under constant stress should reach for them. It is a great support in the reconstruction of the immune system after diseases. Prevents demineralization of tooth enamel and prevents the development of caries. Increases weight gain in malnourished people. Colostrum proteins have an inhibitory effect on autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s, according to scientists from the Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of the University of Wrocław. In addition, Colostrum also supports the therapy of people who are HIV positive. It is especially useful for professional athletes and hard-working people as it affects rapid energy recovery. It reduces the feeling of hunger and builds muscle mass, which is especially recommended for slimming treatments, because it is muscles that have a significant impact on the rate of fat burning. In addition, it delays the aging process. To sum up in points, Colostrum is used as a preventive measure and as a support for the body, including:

  • immune disorders,
  • autoimmune diseases (including Hashimoto)
  • bacterial, viral and fungal infections of Candida albicans (mycosis of the digestive system)
  • cancers,
  • asthma,
  • allergies,
  • open wounds (also postoperative)
  • ulcers and burns
  • intense sports effort,
  • osteoporosis,
  • convalescence and rehabilitation after accidents and diseases,
  • slimming diets and rejuvenating treatments.

Colostrum – anti-cancer effect

Colostrum is simply irreplaceable when supporting the body in cancer (regardless of the type of cancer), thanks to the content of lactoferrin and derivatives of peptides. Research shows that they fight MethA fibrosarcoma, B16F10 melanoma and C26 colon cancer cell lines. In combination with oleic acid, colostrum is able to effectively reduce the size of cancerous tumors and inhibit their growth. The compounds contained in colostrum inhibit the process of angiogenesis, i.e. the formation of blood vessels, thanks to which the tumor can continue to grow. They reduce the risk of metastasis. This mainly applies to cancers of the tongue, esophagus, lungs, bladder, malignant bone tissue or prostate cancer. In addition, colostrum is a great support in the reconstruction of the immune system after chemotherapy. It should be remembered that dietary supplements do not cure, but only create conditions in which self-healing can occur. They are support in the fight for health. As with herbs, we cannot treat supplements as medicines – in addition to all diseases. First of all, they play a preventive and preventive role. If you are suffering from acute medical conditions, you must follow the specialist’s advice. We should consult with the doctor about the treatment and seek advice on the supplements used as support for the body, especially in the case of cancer.

Where is Colostrum available?

Colostrum is available in pharmacies in the form of liquids and capsules. Colostrum prices depend on the percentage of immunoglobulins. The higher the content of valuable ingredients, the higher the price. The excellent quality of your Colostrum product, guaranteed by the certificate of the independent Fresenius Institute, can also be boasted by the world-renowned German company LR Health & Beauty. This Colostrum contains the first cow’s milk that provides a newborn animal with everything it needs. Youngsters are collected from the surplus milk of European cows from reputable farms. Cow colostrum has been proven to be 30-40 x biologically more active than human colostrum. Unlike milk, colostrum contains only trace amounts of lactose. LR offers, among others Colostrum Liquid with 100% colostrum content. It is degreased, casein-free and unpasteurised. It has no added dyes or preservatives. It is processed under strict conditions. High-quality Colostrum is formed as a result of a patented, mild so-called cold production process, guaranteeing the maintenance of all substances beneficial to health. It is worth remembering that from 43 ° proteins are denatured, which can lead to the loss of valuable substances. The same danger exists when colostrum does not come from the first or second milking within 12 hours of birth. LR only uses the colostrum from the first hours. All processing steps take place in Germany.

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