The quality of the products of the German company LR Health & Beauty is still confirmed by customer reviews. Successively for 35 years, the company has built its strong position by betting on the highest quality products. In addition to choosing the right products for the needs, LR advises how to lead a healthy lifestyle, shows how to eat properly and encourages physical activity. Thanks to cooperation with independent experts on innovative solutions, the company achieves spectacular results, creating fantastic programs to support health and beauty. The great advantage of the company is the fact that health and cosmetic products are not tested on animals. Aloe Vera drinking gels are made in a modern production hall in the German city of Ahlen. With the innovative machine park, LR sets new quality standards in Europe. The packaging is made of the highest quality plastic, which is great for reprocessing.

SGS Institut Fresenius Quality

The excellent quality of the products of the German company LR Health & Beauty has been confirmed by institutes and organizations respected and known in Europe and around the world. The first is the certificate of the independent Institute SGS Institut Fresenius Quality. SGS Institut Fresenius Quality Seal GmbH is a well-known and respected research and certification company in the world, which since 2003 has belonged to the Société Génerale de Surveillance (SGS), an association founded in France in the 19th century, whose aim was to control the quality of grain. Currently, the company deals with conducting laboratory analyzes for the certification of food products. Because consumer protection is the most important thing for SGS Institut Fresenius, it uncompromisingly cares about the safety, quality and cleanliness of products. Expensive microbiological, chemical and sensory tests are carried out for many months. The Institute conducts research of products from around the world. With his seal SGS Institut Fresenius Quality Seal marked the following LR products: Mind Master, Aloe Vera drinking gels and Colostrum. The institute logo on the product packaging guarantees that the product has been tested, valuable and of good quality. Currently, Aloe Vera do LR drinking gels have a strict quality mark awarded by the SGS Institut Fresenius. Aloe vera produced by them is grown in Mexico. Cultivated areas are regularly inspected by the institute. During the two-day study inspection, there are checked all stages from cultivation to delivery of valuable aloe vera gel. The first tests presented to the institute are already carried out on plantations that drill into the ground at a depth of three meters. Their purpose is to assess soil quality and exclude the use of fertilizers, e.g. pesticides. A single exceeding of the norm, deterioration of the quality or composition of products causes the lifetime automatic receipt of certificates by SGS Institut Fresenius. In addition, the delivery of harvested aloe leaves to their transport and production locations is also supervised. Before the ship sets off with aloe vera to Germany, all documentation will also be checked. The opinion issued by the institute has always been positive. Representatives of the institute also check working conditions during their stay at the place of cultivation. The result of comparative control is that they are good and ethically used, and that children do not work on the plantation.

IASC (The International Aloe Science Counsil)

Another quality certificate comes from IASC (The International Aloe Science Counsil). This is the international Aloe Scientific Council, a certification company that confirms the actual content of Aloe Vera in products and raw materials. IASC collaborates around the world with many universities and has initiated and published many studies on aloe vera. Its task is to control plantations, processing plants and producers of aloe-based products. The certification audit includes factory inspection and sampling of each product that would receive a certificate. IASC regularly controls the production of aloe vera drinking gels in Germany. Checks are always carried out in great detail, based on standards from the pharmaceutical industry. The requirements to be met to receive and maintain a certificate are extremely high. LR attaches the greatest importance to the quality of its products, which is why it decided to submit its products for IASC certification. Aloe LR drinking gels have the IASC seal, which proves their high quality and purity of the Aloe Vera gel. All LR products based on aloe vera: both drinking gels and skincare cosmetics are IASC certified.


Dermatest is another independent institute testing the quality of LR products. Dermatest’s task is to check the effects of products on the skin. Products marked with the dermatest mark are of the highest quality and can be used by allergy sufferers or people with skin hypersensitivity. LR Health & Beauty together with the Dermatest institute also conducted research on the perfume fragrance durability, resulting in the highest class perfumes with the highest fragrance durability. Fantastic quality of LR cosmetics has been confirmed by Dr Werner Voss, founder and manager of Dermatest GmbH, in the words “LR cosmetics are perfect for the needs of all skin types, daily care with the highest quality active ingredients and the latest recipes.

Kosmetikverband VKE

Kosmetikverband is a company to which only selected perfume brands can belong. It is an organization that itself invites companies to membership. Among them, next to Chanel, Coty, KR, Kenzo, Dior, there is LR Health & Beauty, which proves that the company is at the forefront of the largest cosmetics companies in the world. The invitation by VKE to LR membership is just another confirmation of the highest quality products.

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