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Brodnica nocą- sistersm (2)Choosing one day from Warmia and Mazury to Toruń, remember that it is worth visiting Brodnica along the way. This beautiful city is located in the Kujawsko-Pomorska province on the Drwęca River. It owes its uniqueness to both the historical center of the city and the rich natural and landscape values. The former royal city has 28,717 residents today. Brodnica is located in the Brodnica Lake District, which is an exceptionally attractive tourist region. There is the beautiful Brodnica Landscape Park, which is part of the Brodnica Lake District, the Górzańsko-Lidzbarskiego   Landscape Park and the Drwęca Valley. The Brodnica Landscape Park mentioned there has existed since 1985, and its area consists of 60% of forests and 10% of water. There are as many as 60 lakes here, of which 6 have an area of ​​over 100 ha. In 2005, the Park was enlarged by the Bachotek lake and the so-called Swampy Drwęca Valley, famous for its valuable refuge of wetland birds. We will meet here the lesser spotted eagle, black stork and white-tailed eagle, as well as the red kite, crane, black cormorant, gray heron, fawn and kingfisher.

For the first time Brodnica received city rights under the laws of Chełmno, and the first record regarding the city of Brodnica comes from 1298 and was made by the chronicler Piotrek from Duisburg. The most famous residents of Brodnica was Princess Anna Wazówna, sister of the Polish King Zygmunt III Waza, who in 1605 embraced the Brodnica starosty and remained in the town until her death in 1625.

In addition to visiting monuments and admiring the rich natural values, it is worth spending time shopping in the local cozy boutiques. In the center of the village we have a large selection of clothing stores, and we will use a lot of services, such as a goldsmith or  shoemaker. Hungry after shopping, we can choose a good Caba pizzeria, existing since 1999. We will certainly taste a lot of tasty dishes in a pleasant atmosphere. If we want to stay longer, we can move to a nearby pub with the positive name Atmosfera. In the evenings friends come here, celebrating time together. The atmosphere of this place is somewhat reminiscent of Kazimierz( near Cracow). One would like to expand the name of the pub with a word: friendly , which would give us a full picture of the place.

In summer, it is worth going to the International Ecological Fair, which always takes place in the second half of July. At the outer ward, several  dozens of stalls with organic and certified food, decorative plants and artistic products are distributed. Participants of the fair can take part in ecological and culinary competitions. The whole musical accompaniment is accompanied by a musical setting. During the concert you can hear folk songs as well as pop and rock hits. On the spot, the Medical Town is stationed and medical emergency demonstrations and presentation of fire and police equipment are held. Volunteers compete in the tournament for the medal of Anna Wazówna on the walls of the castle.

Have a nice stay!

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