LR_Post-5-FiguActive-PictureOur beauty comes from within – this principle is guided by the German company LR Health & Beauty. Thanks to the highest quality certified products, it helps us maintain the right balance, supports the body’s natural functions and helps keep it in harmony. If we take care of health, vitality and freshness we get a beautiful look. When we have a nice figure, our well-being improves, we gain self-confidence and gladly use the charms of life. We gain admiration and recognition of the environment, but above all our own. A slim figure not only makes us more attractive, but also healthier. Considering the above, LR Health & Beauty has created a diet program supported by appropriate supplements. It is a diet program in which we do not starve ourselves and eat regular meals, excrete harmful substances and take all the ingredients needed for our body to function properly. Thanks to this, we keep strength and do not have to give up our daily activities. We are often looking for excuses and excuses when we are overweight. We compare ourselves with people who are fatter than ourselves, reassuring us that it is not so bad with us. In this way, we are discouraged from taking action to reduce weight. Having a tendency to gain weight the more we should fight for a nice figure and health. Most often it’s not our genes, but the lifestyle makes us gain kilos. It really only depends on us how we eat and lead. Taking care of movement, quitting smoking and not consuming alcohol mean that our body does not lose vitamins or microelements that affect important life functions, including the fat burning process. The right diet is a guarantee of maintaining proper weight and harmony in the body. Let’s forget about miracle diets, because healthy slimming is only possible with a long-term change of eating habits and lifestyle. Reduction of calories should be done while maintaining the right amount of nutrients, e.g. in the form of dietary supplements. When joining the Body Mission program, remember that there are no absolute bans here. We make friends with vegetables, plan a menu, we are active, we release stress e.g. in a sauna, deacidify and burn fats. To prevent the yo-yo effect, we do not overdo calorie restriction. During the treatment, we eat three meals a day, of which one is prepared by ourselves (preferably using the recipes provided in our online diet assistant), and two replace us with the soup and shake Figu Active in different flavors. We can successfully add our own vegetables and fruits to them. The Body Mission set is a combination of modern products of the highest quality. They were created based on current knowledge in the field of dietetics and various forms of support. Everything complements perfectly. The effects of weight loss are influenced by acidification of the body, appetite between meals, maintenance of muscle mass. During the treatment, we receive additional support in the form of Protein Power (proteins), Pro Balance (alkaline minerals), herbal tea (quenches thirst) and Aloe Vera (boosts metabolism). During the treatment, we are not alone, because LR Health & Beauty partners are at our disposal. If you want to make an appointment in your city, or for an online conversation, write to with the title: “Body Mission Weight Loss Program”.

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