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As a result of difficult life experiences, a woman suddenly dies. Could all this have been predicted? Going through this difficult time, She wants to hide from the whole world reaching for dark colors. She sheds her “golden feathers” and allows herself to be seduced by blackness. At work, she faces difficult survival training and then dealing with the effects of stress. In addition, there is the fight for health and longing for those who passed away. The woman tries to control every gesture and movement. Meeting the others expectations, she becomes increasingly distant from herself, losing authenticity along the way.

She recedes into the background, but she is unable to hide her natural beauty. A black dress, characterized by refined elegance and nobility, suits her perfectly. Created according to an individual design and made to measure in only one copy and available at This is a perfect example of a return to timeless aesthetics, which is so difficult to see in real life today. A woman in this version is like a unique Black Swan, bowling those who can see her over. Previously overwhelmed and hurt, she gradually finds strength and looks to the future more and more boldly…

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