Being a luxurious woman does not mean being surrounded by a beautiful home, car, or clothing and accessories. A luxurious woman is well-groomed primarily from the inside. She cares about her physical and mental health as well as her external appearance. It focuses on self-development and cares about good relations with other people. She is surrounded by friends and fulfills herself both on a personal and professional level. She invests in herself, and when she  appears in the company it evokes admiration and recognition. An exclusive home, car, clothing, cosmetics or perfect makeup are only a complement and emphasize the unique beauty and personality of every woman. When  we take care of a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition, exercise and supplementation, we can enjoy the results. We have known for a long time that “beauty comes from within”. Only then is it worth reaching for good-quality cosmetics to only strengthen the effect of our good form. Applying make-up to a tired face will never get the result you want. Make-up is often called our “second face”, so deciding on it, we should use the highest quality cosmetics. The German company LR Health & Beauty can boast of the great quality of its color cosmetics. We decided to use it for a photo session. Make-up made of high-quality cosmetics is not only decorative, but also protects our skin from pollution, moisture and UV radiation. The skin should breathe and be properly moisturized. Make-up cosmetics by LR help to emphasize the natural beauty and hide minor imperfections. The entire series of cosmetics is distinguished by the German quality standard. For the photo session, we chose the luxurious Deluxe series, thanks to which we can highlight our beauty advantages or completely change our image. LR Health & Beauty mineral cosmetics are also perfect for people with sensitive and oversensitive skin. They are also recommended for women with mixed, oily, acne skin, as well as after dermatological treatments or after visiting a beautician. Cosmetics contain minerals that do not clog the sebaceous glands and do not transmit bacteria. In addition, they allow us to hide discoloration and even scars. It is no wonder that mineral cosmetics have become the favorite cosmetics of stage stars. Each of us deserves to be luxurious.

Photography: Zbigniew Cybulski

Make-up: Marlena Domarecka

Stylists: Katarzyna Machynia and Alina Sposób

Model: Alina Sposób




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